About Evergreen Homes Ohio...

The luxury home building business is rooted in a foundation of trust between the contractor and homeowner. The construction of a new home is a very personal endeavor and Evergreen Homes Ohio understands this. As the contractor, we appreciate the goal and purpose of every project and work tirelessly to complete it in a professional and timely manner.

Evergreen Homes Ohio utilizes a design-build approach with experts in architecture, design, and construction. Our goal is to develop a custom home that fits a homeowner’s needs and lifestyle, while overseeing the construction process from beginning to end. Projects involving engineering difficulties, whether civil or structural, give Evergreen Homes Ohio an opportunity to showcase its construction diversity and savvy.

Using the most recent technologies in building sciences is crucial to constructing a quality and efficient home. Updating construction practices to include “tried and true” methods reflects a commitment to building the best home possible. Implementing energy efficient and "green" building practices helps Evergreen Homes Ohio differentiate itself from its competitors and illustrates its efforts to adapt within the dynamic construction climate.

Our company was built on relationships, and has developed these long-lasting relationships not only with our clients but with our subcontractors. Thanks to them we have the ability to expand and grow while continuing to manufacture a quality and time effective custom home.

Wherever your property is located, Evergreen Homes Ohio looks forward to designing and building your new home and sustaining a long term relationship with you and your family.