Ambler Heights Organic Contemporary

This newly built, contemporary home sits in Cleveland Heights’ historic, Ambler Heights district. Surrounded by a neighborhood of traditionally formed homes, with styles from Craftsman to Tudor, the architectural team of Modern Smart Homes wanted this home to blend into the neighborhood. The final product is an Organic Contemporary-styled home showcasing clean lines, smooth finishes, a multitude of wood tones and subtle metal undertones.

The exterior features a rectilinear limestone veneer, a clean, contemporary stone look, blended with a Roman Maximus Brick of a similar color, which brings together the old style with a new style. The lighter brick and stone colors contrast with a walnut-colored siding and matching wood ceiling material. The front entrance has a custom ten foot tall, walnut pivot door and a welcoming slatted bench for guests, that appears to “float” into the foyer of the home.

Deep swirls and interesting grain patterns make Walnut a charming wood that you just want to show off! And that’s exactly what our design team and client did in the kitchen and throughout the home. Outside of the kitchen, walnut wood is showcased in the dining room and on the two story fireplace wall, where it’s subtly matched with a steel/metal accents. This “organic” combination of metal meeting wood carries onto the ceiling.

Hard lines split the open living space defining the functional area; tile meeting hardwood. The owners create deft contrast with their furniture and decor choices, introducing color and texture to the space.