Hinckley French Country Estate

This majestic estate has all the characteristics of the French Country style, drawing inspiration from its natural surroundings.  The owners and design team compiled natural materials and simple color palettes, with inspiration from the surrounding landscape of Hinckley Township.  Natural, full bed stone clads the exterior of the home and wraps the tall, rectangular and arched top windows.  The tall, sloping hip roof is covered with slate-looking asphalt shingles which is another distinct feature of French Country style. Inside, a sweeping staircase with concrete treads at the base, is a focal point of the open foyer.  Refined details of the cabinetry combines with metal elements creating a modern mix of materials.  EGH is always looking to repurpose items, so a distressed barn that was on the property was salvaged to create the home’s shutters and timber beams below the Porte cochere adding to the layered life of this home.